Top Sportswear Brands In The World


Cheap Chinese knockoffs excluded, this immensely popular brand is a class apart from the rest. From its inspiring tagline ‘Just Do It’ to its exquisite range of multi-bestseller sports equipment – shoes being the most prominent – Nike is indeed ruling the roost. Aside from their sporty inclinations, their foray into fashion – most especially hip-hop and the music industry – has turned the market-tide in their favor.

Estimated to have a net income of US$3.273 billion (as of 2015), Nike had small origins back in 1964 (when it was founded) but today its American youth styles, Air Jordans, and sports uniforms and gear spanning the spectrum of basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, ice hockey, tennis, cricket, and baseball has propelled it to international stardom. And don’t get us started on their track and field equipment.


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Their distinct style statements alone have set them on the same success path as other major brands. Adidas did not come from its net income of €0.72 billion (as of 2015) by chance. The German wunderkind of sportswear started slowly taking the world by storm from when it was founded back in 1924.

From leggings, jackets, pants, hoodies, and t-shirts to its lucrative forays onto FIFA’s sacred fields, Adidas has made itself truly memorable. Catering also to cricket, basketball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, gymnastics, skateboarding, running, and the ‘newly’ recognized Kabbadi, the brand has spread its roots far and wide; and then some.


Germany has not stopped with just one big brand when it comes to any marketable field. When Puma was founded back in 1948 by the brother of the man who created Adidas (namely Adolf Dassler), he must have had a goal to push his brands to the top of the success-ladder.

Displaying a revenue figure like €3.387 billion (as of 2015)is no small proof of Dassler’s determination. Making products for fields like lifestyle, fitness, motorsports, training, golf, running, and football, Puma has also seen success when it comes to sponsoring footballers as well as football teams.


Dick’s Sporting Goods is yet another American favorite that is spreading into the international market. With a simple name and popular products, the 1948-founded company has proven that it can step up its game in the face of competition. With a net income of US$337.6 million (as of 2013), their boast does not sound hollow.

With sponsorships ranging across several sports sectors – golf, basketball, running, soccer, and football – and their prominent sponsorship of the USA Team at Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics, DKS has made multiple outstanding inroads into the world of sportswear.


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