MBA LifeStyle

Moving back
to Nature.

The materialistic lifestyle we lead may get us all we
want. But does it give us real happiness and
contentment? The answer is a big NO.
Living in a
consumption driven world makes it hard for us to
understand the simple truth that we are addicted to
materialistic pleasures.

The perfect panacea to this is,
moving back to Nature.

Uncomplicating every aspect of life, will make this journey very much
possible. Undoing the complexities, is a simple process of getting rid of
gadgets and getting in touch with what we are! Shun the artificial
elements and turn to everything Natural.

Welcome to Sun & Sports, a wellness resort that aims to
facilitate your mental and physical well-being, by helping
you align your mind and body.

MBA in lifestyle

A stress-free lifestyle
enhances your calmness
and inspires an internal

Mind-Body Alignment (MBA) thus
gives you infinite peace.
We help you in
this experience through the interesting
features we offer In the premises.
Right from our cottages, every feature
we offer are Nature-bound.

Comfortable Cottages

Nestled among majestic trees
and colourful plants.

There are over 40 cozy cottages in our premises, that make you feel
welcome and at home. They are nestled among majestic trees and
colourful plants. You can choose from among our mud cottages, bamboo
cottages or tower cottages.