Experience the
eternal peace.

Yoga, the ancient Indian art of living, prescribes the alignment of mind and body, to
gain control of the body, the senses, the emotions, the breath and the mind, to
experience the eternal peace. A robust health is just a by-product!

We will explain.

The oft-repeated 'mind-body alignment' can be attained by focusing and meditating
on the 7 chakras in our body. We will explain.
'Chakra' is a Sanskrit word, meaning 'wheel' or
'disk'. There are 7 chakras or invisible wheels of energy in our body, beginning from the base
of the spine to the crown of the head. It can be visualized as swirling wheels of energy, or the
life force (prana), that keeps us healthy, both mentally and physically. Beginning from the
base of the spine, the 7 chakras are:

(Heart Chakra):
Anahatha is Located where the heart is.
It influences thymus.
It represents Air.

Each chakra will have its own unique effect
when meditated on.

Meditating on the Sahasrara chakra is believed to help
you feel a transcending bliss.
It is an enlightening
process which can only be experienced and not

There are instructions pertaining to the duration of
meditation for each chakra.

We at Sun & Sports have a trained person
introduce the chakras to you and provide you a preparatory
perspective of the step-by-step process.