30 day challenge for Abs

Everyone loves a perfect body irrespective of the gender. Be it girl or a boy, having a great body will never fail to embrace their personality to a greater extent and having great abs would be a bonus. Thanks to the 30 days challenge for abs which has been going around the corners from quite some time, intentionally or unintentionally people have started taking care of their health to win this challenge. Taking care of health primarily includes a good diet and nutrition plan for their daily routine.

Here’s a list of diet and nutrition plan which can help you achieve the goal


Water can do magic to your body has it extracts the toxins from your body and can regulate the body temperature. Drinking 2 litres of water in a day is mandatory. Ensure adding more of fluids to your diet plan or fruits and vegetables which have high water content such has watermelon, oranges, strawberries.


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Include Fiber containing food in your diet plan has fiber rich food ensures that you don’t feel hungry often and also fills your stomach comparatively sooner hence, it stops you from over-eating and keeps our digestive system healthy. It also keeps you away from diseases like diabetes, bowel cancer and various kinds of heart diseases. Oats, carrot, pea, potato are rich fiber containing food.


High amount of Fat will never let you get in shape. And nothing could be more difficult than burning fat. So, instead of prevention start taking precautions. Prefer low calorie food that are stomach filling too as they provide comparatively good amount of energy to function in your day to day life. Low Calorie food includes Greek Yogurt, Chia Seeds, Oats.


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While following a strict diet, you might end up weakening your muscles and bones. In order to not let this, include food that are rich in protein such has eggs, lean meat, chickpeas and lentils which makes sure that you won’t lose out your muscles.

And for better and faster results, stop yourself from having packaged foods like chips, chocolate bars, no frozen food, no street food, avoid drinking alcohol, intake less sugar.

If you are really serious about winning this 30 day challenge for abs then eat healthy, stay healthy, feel healthy. Hope this blog has helped you plan your diet. Thank you for reading.


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